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"What Will I Get Out of Captain Quinn's Fitness Boot Camp?"

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"Where and When is Captain Quinn's
Fitness Boot Camp?"

ALL SESSIONS (unless otherwise indicated) ARE OUTSIDE



Mon, Wed, Fri
6:45 AM
7:00 PM

Starting May 9th:  


 Mon, Wed, Fri
9:30 AM

Starting May 17th:


Tue, Thurs 7:00 PM;
Sat 11:30 AM

"What do members of Captain Quinn's Fitness Boot Camp say?"

Captain Quinn's Brooklyn Fitness Boot Camp

"Captain Quinn's Hour of Awesome...This is the anti-bootcamp. This is the place to come if you want to get in better shape and feel better about yourself. No matter your size or physical strength (or lack thereof). There is no yelling, no scolding & no shame. Can't do a full pushup? No problem, Jon gives you different options for everything. He focuses on proper technique and working up to full form. I feel fantastic. I've never felt this great in my life...Physically, I feel great - I'm standing taller, my core is stronger, I've got more stamina and my knees hurt less. But, I feel better about myself too. Every time I go out there, I'm proud of myself ...for making this investment in my future. And it's all because of Jon's style and humor and encouraging personality. If I can do this stuff, then you can too."
 - Mike L


"Boot camp has totally transformed my life. Not only am I "healthier, happier and hotter" I am calmer, clearer and more content. Getting up and working out with you three times a week has reignited my motivation. I again have the desire to be more, do more and enjoy every minute of the process. I laugh louder, smile quicker...My focus has improved. I sleep better...Oh and my ass is back to the way it looked in college. Who could ask for more?"
- Kimberley

"As someone who's battled weight issues his entire life, joining Capt. Quinn's boot camp is probably the best thing I have ever done to help my body. I've lost 32 pounds over 2 1/2 months and I feel unlike other times in my life where I've shed some pounds (hello Atkins), I'll be able to keep them off this time…Capt. Quinn is so enthusiastic and positive (and very funny) leading us in our workout that I actually look forward to getting up at sunrise! I have tons more energy now (even with the early rising) and that's carried over into other facets of my life…(I’m) able to fit into my Elvis shirt I got at Sun Studios in Memphis 10 years ago. It hasn't fit me in six years. The same goes for my Ramones shirt from their final NYC show from Feb 1996."

- Steve R


'm someone who came to Captain Quinn with serious reluctance - the second I heard the words "boot camp", all I could picture were the tears I shed in middle school gym classes as the unathletic, awkward kid in the corner.  But Captain Quinn is...positive, caring, helpful, and works to make everyone feel involved, supported, and part of a team. I started boot camp for the work out, but I keep coming back for the fun. 

As a yoga teacher and practitioner, I have seen my practice grow leaps and bounds through the strength training we do in boot camp, and...the cardio he provides has given me more energy and endurance.

Life is more fun if you move more; moving is more fun at Captain Quinn's Fitness Boot Camp.

- Lynne



"It is truly the anti-boot camp boot camp. Jon's humor, upbeat attitude and the fast pace makes you forget about how early it is, and  there is always an alternative involved if for some reason an exercise is uncomfortable or too strenuous, and there is a very light, supporitave feel - no shaming or yelling. The type of interval training that Jon has us do lends its self to fast results, and as a bonus, the workouts never get old because they are fast paced and constantly changing.

I have been attending for about three months now, and not only do I have more energy during the day, I have lost weight and toned up considerably. I have lost several inches off of my arms, my hips and my legs, and my core and abs have gotten considerably stronger - I even stand straighter during the day. My clothes fit better, and I am stronger, and have more stamina. The workouts are even, dare I say fun. 

- Charmain


"Never in my life was I a first-thing-in-the-morning exerciser, but Captain Quinn has made me a convert.  This is one of the best whole-body workouts I've ever done -- challenging but not murderous, and it leaves me energized for the rest of the day.  Great workout, great instructor, great classmates; I actually look forward to getting out of bed and going!"
- MJ


"I never really bought into the idea of “going to the gym” as a way to spend my free time. I came to the conclusion that I’m not a gym person.  And that’s okay.   Until my husband discovers something called a 'Captain Quinn’s Bootcamp.'

We go.  It’s like a gym class + recess + outdoors.  It’s like the BEST FRIGGIN’ PART OF SCHOOL growing up.  Being outside, running, jumping, playing, shouting, camaraderie, cracking jokes.  It’s AWESOME.  I am addicted.

Now I wake up, 6am Monday, Wednesday, Friday, GLAD it’s bootcamp day.  Sure it took a while to get used to the early mornings.  But once you’ve made the deal with yourself that this is what’s going to happen on these days and there’s no discussion because both your body and your mind KNOW you function so much better afterwards, you are GOLDEN. 

Jon, the instructor motivates in a friendly and effective manner.  So you WANT to do those extra push ups, jumping jacks, burpees…yeah, yeah, I KNOW, doesn’t sound right, right?  It’s just something you have to experience for yourself.  He just makes you feel like you CAN do it…And if you can’t he makes you feel like you WANT TO TRY as best as you can, for yourself. You definitely build up a sense of pride you after you go.

My husband and I feel lucky that we’ve found something that works for us.  And I’M glad I don’t have to go back to the gym."

- Susan L


"Captain Quinn's enthusiastism and light-heartedness  combined  with his well thought out and highly effective workouts are a the perfect recipe for a great body.  The hardest part aspect of Captain Quinn's Bootcamp is just showing up. But, once I'm there, I'm having a blast with the rest of the class and it's always over before I know it.  I  recommend Captain Quinn's Bootcamp to anyone without reservation.  If you want consistent physical results, more energy, and a positive attitude look no further. You'll be hooked! 

- Ghazi M


"Maybe you've already bored yourself to tears at the gym, or tried to make exercise 'fun' by taking a dance class - only to realize that dance classes in NYC are for cut-throat professionals who will literally step on your toes for their chance at that big Broadway break.

If you're looking for a workout that won't bore you to death, doesn't feel like it was developed by fascists and is relatively easy on your wallet, I can't recommend Captain Quinn's enough. Each class is different, and there are fun aspects like partner work and relay races that help keep the energy up and the time flying by.

'Boot Camp' is a bit of a misnomer: the atmosphere is collaborative and supportive, and Jon (he never goes by Captain Quinn in class, thank goodness) goes out of his way to encourage us. It's a little cheesy: you yell "Burpee!" when you do burpees (apparently they don't do that in CrossFit?) and there's generally some quoting of the Rocky movies. But the results are real: I've been going off and on for a few months and during the 'on' times I tone up quickly, look and feel a lot hotter and can carry groceries without whining like a little bitch. And the other day my boyfriend caught an eyeful of me nekkid and said I was looking "downright trim!"

I get the sense that he's doing this more for the love than the money: he seems to genuinely want to help people get in shape. What more could you want from a boot camp than that?"

- Anna H


"The first time that I was there I immediately felt at home. No-one was the slightest bit pretentious or had that kind of 'what are you doing here' attitude. I was told to go at my own pace; I did, and still do!

The results came faster than I had thought they would. The exercises for me seemed difficult at first and then easier as time went on. I lost a few lbs. within a few weeks and have kept them off ever since.

It has made a huge difference in my life because of the feeling of getting up early and fighting the laziest person in the world (me) and winning!

Because of my work schedule I can only make it two days a week. It has still made a big difference in my appearance and the way I feel about myself. My whole body has benefited. I feel stronger, firmer, and I have even received some compliments!

One of the best things about Captain Quinn’s Boot Camp is the people that you meet. We all have the same desire to get healthier and happier, and we manage to have a lot of laughter as well. I cannot say enough about the fun and camaradarie that goes on at boot camp- without judgment!!!

- Peggy O


My upper body strength has improved three-fold since I started with the group in Park Slope... Some of the exercises are more challenging than others, but Captain Quinn's humor and energy actually makes the group setting comfortable enough to go at one's own pace. Still, gotta push it! I've never left a work out without breaking a good sweat or laughing...usually both, which is a really nice way to start the day."

- Emily D.

I have already lost 14 pounds in 3 months - the healthy way! A large portion of this is definitely be attributed to Captain Quinn's Fitness Bootcamp. I've noticed that my body is more firm and that I am building more muscle mass. And I've also noticed a great improvement in endurance and strength over the course of the last two months.
- Emily A

"This is the first time in a long time I have stuck to a regular work out routine. Quinn makes it fun and accessible, and a Tuesday and Thursday evening schedule has helped me curb my happy hour habit. I go home feeling energized and stronger every time."
- Nicole

"On the days I go to boot camp, I feel, eat, and sleep better. There is no better one hour workout that I have tried. Captain Quinn forces me, in a fun, spirited way, to do all the exercises that I should do at the gym, but conveniently leave out. Who doesn't love a little burpee action in the morning?"
- Laura

"I'm hooked. When I first told friends and co-workers I was going to boot camp, they questioned why I would actually want to pay someone to be mean to me and call me chunky but it's not like that at all. There are definitely moments when you're challenged and think you couldn't possibly do another one but Quinn will give you a little push with the right words or crack a corny-yet-still-funny joke and somehow after the laughter you find you actually can do those last few reps, or sprint faster, or go harder."
- Linda

"Surprisingly, I love Captain Quinn’s boot camp! I am definitely not an early bird, so when I signed up I thought I’d dread it. However, in just a few classes I was hooked and I actually look forward to my morning workouts! The routine is never the same, so I’m not bored and there is a balance between cardio and strength training. Overall, I have more energy, I’m sleeping better, eating healthier and am much more productive throughout the day. I have already noticed a change in my posture, my flexibility and stamina!
- Meghan

"Down another jean size! Thanks Captain Quinn!!"
- Gaia

"I Couldn't believe i went for a trial class and ended up staying. Love the workouts; every session is a different and fun workout."
- Yordany

"...I feel stronger and have so much more energy. I also lost 8 pounds. The workouts are incredibly fun. Captain Quinn changes the routine every time and I really look forward to our sessions. The people in the class are really nice and supportive. Captain Quinn’s Boot Camp has made me want to work out again."
- Katharine

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